Camp 5Easter and Summer Animation & Art Camp

Animation & Art Camp is a very popular camp and well attended each year. Many students return to this camp each Summer to advance their work and produce more challenging animated films.

This Summer we have added an advanced class for these students. They will learn how to animate various characters who will appear in each frame doing different things. Students will learn how to incorporate dialogue as well as adding special effects to their films.

 Students as young as six years of age attend this camp. Students are grouped according to age and level. This camp rotates around separate work-stations.

This camp concentrates on:

(a) Classical Animation which is Art and Sketching
(b) Storyboard
(c) Claymation
(d) Stop-Motion Film
(e) Computer Animation – 2D and 3D computer packages

Students are taught the basic skills in each and may decide to concentrate or specialise in any one of these sections.

Students are shown how to prepare and design their storyboards, they also learn how to make the characters for their film from Claymation, they learn how to use cameras to “shoot” different scenes and they learn computer animation where they explore creating characters for their films on computer using specific animation software packages.

We would encourage students to bring their own cameras as they will be shown how to use them to best effect. On completion of this camp, they will have gained the knowledge and skill needed to produce films using their cameras.


Easter Dates:

Week 1: Monday, 10th April – Thursday, 13th April
Week 2: Tuesday, 18th April – Friday, 21st April.

Times: 9.00am – 3.00pm
Fees:  €120

Summer Dates:

  • Week 1: Tuesday, 6th June – Friday, 9th June
  • Week 2: Monday, 12th June – Friday, 16th June
  • Week 3: Monday, 19th June – Friday, 23rd June
  • Week 4: Monday, 26th June – Friday, 30th June
  • Week 5: Monday, 3rd July – Friday, 7th July
  • Week 6: Monday, 10th July – Friday, 14th July
  • Week 7: Monday, 17th July – Friday, 21st July
  • Week 8: Monday, 24th July – Friday, 28th July
  • Week 9: Tuesday, 1st August – Friday, 4th August
  • Week 10: Monday, 7th August – Friday, 11th August
  • Week 11: Monday, 14th August – Friday, 18th August

Times: 9.00am – 3.00pm

Fees: €130
Bank Holiday weeks / 4 days weeks €120.