Columbus Academy

  • Columbus Club provides 1:1 private tuition in Mathematics, Irish, Reading and Comprehension Work, Handwriting and Creative Writing.
  • We provide private 1:1 classes on a daily basis at Easter & Summer for students (ages 3 – 12).
  • We cater for each child’s learning needs by providing half hour or hourly classes on a daily basis.
  • Columbus Club have provided Reading Classes, Book Clubs & Comprehension Work for children (from 3-12 years of age) for the past eight years.
  • Children increase their reading proficiency and comprehension levels significantly.
  • During the Easter/Summer period, why not ensure that your child maintains the progress s/he has made during the school year with half hour or hourly 1:1 reading sessions on a daily basis.
  • Fee: Private 1:1 €18 (per 1/2 hour)


Creative Writing

Classes in Creative Writing take place for the duration of the Easter and Summer holidays. We encourage students to use their imaginations and we start by brainstorming the title of the story.  Students are taught how to plan the outline of their story and how to organise their ideas into paragraphs ensuring a definite beginning, middle and end.
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Handwriting Classes

Columbus Academy caters for a variety of students ranging in age from four to fourteen. We teach students the techniques of writing well, including pencil control and grip. Students are timed taking notes down from the board or writing a piece of text from a book.
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Language Classes in Spanish, Gaeilge and English take place during Easter and Summer Holidays. All tutors are native speakers. Classes are small in size (ratio1:3/4) to ensure that each student is given time and attention to learn and enjoy a new language. Emphasis is placed on conversation, emphasising the correct pronunciation and extending the vocabulary used in everyday situations. Students are grouped according to age and level – our youngest group are three and four year old children. Language Classes in Oral and Aural for teenagers are very popular.
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Columbus Academy provides maths classes during Easter & Summer holidays. The small class size ensures that each student gains significant time and attention and makes real progress. Students cover a large number of maths questions at varying degrees of difficulty in each session. Students complete a test on completion of each topic. Parents are provided with feedback at the end of each session. Students experience an increase in grades in class tests and an improvement in the scores achieved in the “ Drumcondra” tests due to having gained a thorough grasp of the topics studied.
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Private Tuition

Private tuition is available for primary school students in all subject areas during the Easter and Summer Holidays. We provide a professional service for students to develop their ability guided by professional and patient tutors. Post-Primary 1:1 classes run from Tuesday to Friday. We note without exception that once students understand the subject area their competence level improves immediately and so does the individual’s confidence. Private tuition targets the areas of difficulty. The feedback from students and parents is very positive noting the marked improvement in grades obtained at school as a consequence of the private tuition.
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