Looking for a fun gift for your son or daughter this Christmas. We have three super gift suggestions for you here at Columbus Baking Club:

NEW: Children’s Christmas Baking Book €10

  • Available from Wednesday, 18th November
  • Delivery of the book within 24 hours €2 charge.

NEW: Online baking classes demonstrating each recipe from the Christmas Book.

  • Try our complimentary one. Full 15 recipe classes €10.

NEW: Book a Christmas Voucher for your child, grandchild, niece, or nephew.

  • Vouchers available for €20, €30, €50 & €100.
  • Online Baking Classes will take place each weekend for the entire year.
  • Learn to make two recipes each weekend.

  • Monthly membership €10 per month
  • Half year’s membership €50.
  • Yearly Membership €100

Email: anne@columbusclub.ie