1. Choice of nine camps every week in Donnybrook/Ballsbridge, D4.
The Teresian School, 12 Stillorgan Road, Donnybrook, D4. (22/06/20 – 26/06/20)
St.Christopher’s Primary School, Haddington Road, Ballsbridge, D4. (26/06/20 – 21/08/20)rong>
 2. Choice of teenage courses/workshops for students aged (12-17).
Venue: The Teresian School, 12 Stillorgan Road, Donnybrook, D4. (22/06/20 -21/08/20) 
3. The programme for each camp has been developed with an educational emphasis at it’s core by Anne and specialists in each discipline.  Campers are encouraged to move to the next challenge in each camp and to show parents their daily work.
4. Indoor and outdoor facilities available.
5. Free of charge morning supervision from 8:00 am to 9:00 am.
 6. Specialists tutors for each camp/course qualified at degrees master level
 7. Each students is known by name – personalised camps/courses.
 8. All camps/workshops have an educational emphasis at their core.
 9. Flexibility – Students are allowed move between camps if spaces are available.
 10. Vibrant, energetic and fun best describes the atmosphere at Columbus Club Camps.