Full protocol as implemented in primary schools is adopted in the camps.

  1. Children are grouped and stay in their “pods” for the duration of the week.
  2. Parents sign Declaration Forms on the first morning of each week’s camp.
  3. All staff will wear masks at all times in the camp.
  4. Temperature taken at the entrance each morning for students and staff. Anyone presenting with a temperature, are not allowed join the camp.
  5. Hand Sanitising takes place at the entrance to the camp each morning.
  6. Each classroom has hand sanitisers in place.
  7. Teachers complete the full hand sanitising register for each student in their pod each day.
  8. Students are asked to sanitise their hands before and after break, before and after lunch and before they go home.This register is signed by the teacher and the camp manager.
  9. Windows remain open all day during the camp for adequate ventilation.
  10. Full deep clean each day after school. Tables, chairs, furniture and equipment are fully sanitised and cleaned daily.
  11. Parents sign their children in and out of the camp each day.
  12. Please fill in the declaration form in advanced or on the first morning of each week’s camp.

Parent Declaration Form Download