• Creative Writing Classes are very popular.
  • Children are shown the “golden rules” of writing a story.
  • Students are taught on 1:1 basis or in small groups .
  • Students brainstorm an idea.
  • Students are taught how to plan their story – they have a start, middle and conclusion for their story.
  • Students list the key points that will appear in each paragraph.
  • Students work to a specific time frame – usually one hour.
  • Students write their story.


The key learning tools gained from this class include:


  • Concentrating and focusing on a task.
  • Working with others in brainstorming ideas and doing so within an allocated time.
  • Nurturing the ability to express the ideas  and showing the individual how to “get his/her ideas down on paper.”
  • Developing the imaginative side of the brain.
  • Focusing on paragraphs, length of sentences and spelling.
  • Practice re-reading what has been written to improve it’s meaning.
  • Completing the task within the hour.
  • Reading the finished stories to the group.


Dates and Fees

Fee: 16 per half hour

Daily Classes available during Easter and Summer Camps.

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