Easter and Summer Creative Writing Workshop

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The Creative Writing Workshop appeals to a wide range of girls and boys.  Students are grouped according to age and level.  This workshop takes place from 9.00am – 3.00pm daily.

The morning session begins with students brainstorming ideas and structuring ideas into a definite beginning, middle and end for each of their stories.  Students are shown how to write a story and are taught the “golden” rules of writing.  Different themes are adopted on different days for this workshop, for example adventure, friendship, animals, magic, superpowers, heroes and space to name a few.

In the past we endeavoured to create each theme through a display of books and posters that related to that theme, some music that reflected the theme as well as a small display of items that physically represented aspects of the theme chosen for that day or week. 

This Summer we have gathered enough material to present an environment that will stimulate and motivate students to broaden their imaginations by introducing extracts from films and newspapers.  We are also introducing our new creative writing manual.  Each student receives one at the start of the week.  It includes samples and guidelines and all students’ work is recorded in this manual also.

Students will be allocated time in this year’s workshop to physically make their characters through the Arts & Crafts module.  This will ensure that the child who learns best kinesthically will be catered for.  Classes are also provided daily in illustration (provided by illustrators) and all students incorporate graphic images of the main characters and events into their stories.  Our new creative writing manual has a designated section for the illustrations.   Students are provided with opportunities to explore the different learning styles (kinaesthetic, visual and verbal).

This workshop encourages imagination and creativity.  Students are shown how to translate their vivid imaginations into written stories with lots of guidance and interaction.

All students record their work in a creative writing manual which they take home at the end of the week.  Our professionally prepared manual contains a sample of the process involved in writing stories, a sample of a brainstorming exercise and plan and a sample of a written story.  The written stories, drawings and images, comic strips, newspaper articles, script writing and word banks are some of the material contained in the manual.  Most importantly of all each child’s work for the week is also included in the manual.  Parents can observe their progress as the week progressed by reading through the manual.

Easter Dates:

Week 1: Monday, 10th April – Thursday, 13th April
Week 2: Tuesday, 18th April – Friday, 21st April.

Times: 9.00am – 3.00pm
Fees:  €120

Summer Dates:

  • Week 1: Tuesday, 6th June – Friday, 9th June
  • Week 2: Monday, 12th June – Friday, 16th June
  • Week 3: Monday, 19th June – Friday, 23rd June
  • Week 4: Monday, 26th June – Friday, 30th June
  • Week 5: Monday, 3rd July – Friday, 7th July
  • Week 6: Monday, 10th July – Friday, 14th July
  • Week 7: Monday, 17th July – Friday, 21st July
  • Week 8: Monday, 24th July – Friday, 28th July
  • Week 9: Monday, 1stAugust – Friday, 4th August
  • Drawing – characters from favourite stories
  • Week 10: Monday, 7th August – Friday, 11th August
  • Week 11: Monday, 14th August – Friday, 18th August

Times: 9.00am – 3.00pm

Fees: €136
Bank Holiday weeks €120.

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