Reading Classes are designed to help children master the skill of reading. Some children experience learning to read a more difficult experience than others. The Reading Academy provides reading classes at three separate levels to accommodate these children.   Class groups are small.  For more detailed information, please refer to Reading Levels below.


Reading Levels Overview

Columbus Reading Academy provides classes at three different levels to accomodate the different needs of our students. We provide a bespoke service for the individual learner.  Children attending our reading classes make significant progress in a short space of time.  The small tutor pupil ratio and the individual time and attention each individual receives helps ensure maximum results.


Reading Level One

This level is suitable for children who need additional help in correctly pronouncing the sounds of all the letters of the alphabet and combinations of sounds.  Children learn how to build words, three and four letter words and how to “sound them” out properly.  We use all the senses when teaching at this level.  Children learn “sight words” which refer to words which commonly occur in any piece of text we read, for example, the, there, that and was.  These are not phonetic and are simply learned.  Children read books from the Oxford Tree Phonics series as well as other simple books.


Reading Level Two

This level is crucial to enable a child to read. Words are “broken down” and “sounded out”.  Our main focus is on developing the child’s ability to “blend” the various sounds effectively.   Children will read more difficult passages and more difficult vocabulary.  If a child is experiencing difficulty with reading, this is very likely the level s/he needs to come back to.  This level needs to be perfected before your child can read with ease and confidence. More “sight words” are learned. Technically, a child can read on completion of this level.


Reading Level Three

This is about developing your child’s natural flow of reading. Your child will master all the “sight words”.  It is about looking at new vocabulary, with six, seven, eight letters and more and being able to decipher them.  Your child will have confidence in “sounding them out “. This stage perfects and refines your child’s reading.  Children are reading more difficult books.  Your child’s speed in reading increases.  Your child grows in confidence at this level.