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Columbus Club Easter Camps 2015

Times: Camp: 9.00am -3.00pm
  Pre-Camp: 8.20am-9am daily (complementary)
  Post-Camp: 3.00pm-6.00pm daily (€6 per hour)
Location: Wesley House, Leeson Park, Dublin 6.
Fees: (per week)
  Arts and Sports Camp €100
  Animation & Art Camp  €100
  Film & Cinematography Camp  €100
  Columbus Engineering Camp  €100
  Drama Workshop  €100
  Multi-Sports & Fitness  €100
  Creative Writing Workshop  €100
  Baking Camp  €115


Columbus Club Easter Camps

Girls and boys from three to twelve years of age are catered for at Columbus Club Easter Camps. Our Camps take place daily from 9.00am -3.00pm with post-camp available from 3.00pm-6.00pm.


We have included additional modules in the Film & Cinematography Camp including costume design and the design of “props”. Students will work from a set script on day one which will allow them to experience all aspects of completing a short film on their first day. This will increase the pace on day one and ensure that all students are given an insight into all the different roles involved in making a film.  Students will learn more detail on each role and produce their own scripts and films on each of the subsequent days.

We have also added an advance class in Animation, Film & Photography. This will take students learning animation to the next level in making short animation films.  Students will learn how to make and work with different characters. We have also broadened the Arts & Sports Camp for the three and four year old children to include modules in lego and dressing up in costumes for drama modules. Our drama workshop for students will be lively and challenging. We encourage all children to learn new skills in a creative and imaginative way. We provide an environment that is safe and secure. We believe in praise and encouragement. All children are encouraged to take part in the numerous activities provided.


We cater for different learning styles in our Camps. Every child has a preferred learning style whether it’s auditory, visual or kinsethetic (touch and feel). The variety of Camps and the wide range of activities within each Camp provide children with lots of opportunities to explore their potential in their preferred learning style.


Children may decide to explore the creative world of the Arts by taking part in Drama, Singing and Music, Art and Sketching, Puppetry, Arts and Crafts, Baking, Dance and the Martial Arts. Our Multi-Sports & Fitness camp offers children a wide range of sports on a daily basis including tennis, table-tennis, badminton, table-tennis, basketball, volleyball, soccer, tag rugby and rugby. Children also have the option of taking part in the captivating world of Technology, Film, Photography and Animation and/or the creative and imaginative world of Creative Writing which includes modules in Choreography, Filming and Illustration.


The atmosphere in our Camps is a very positive and happy one where children make new friends and catch up with old friends. The emphasis is on having fun while enhancing confidence and inter-personall skills. Children are challenged in terms of creativity and imagination as well as in learning new skills and perfecting existing ones.


Our hope is that Columbus Club Camps will meet every child’s expectation and more. Our motivation is to make Columbus Camps the best that they can be for your child. We endeavour to develop and perfect our Camps every year. We very much welcome your comments, opinions and feedback. My name is Anne Ruane Keaney and my professional experience is in education. I am a former teacher and School Principal.

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