Summer Camps

We offer a range of Summer Camps for children aged 3 to 12, including the Arts, Sports, Baking, Technology, Lego, Animation, Art, Film, Creative Writing, Gaeilge, Coding and Science.

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Teenage Courses & Workshops

Weekly Language Courses, ”as Gaeilge” and Spanish and Workshops in Animation, Baking & Cookery, Film & Cinematography, Podcasts and Photography.

Teenage Courses
Language Courses

Columbus Academy

We provide Book Clubs and private 1:1 classes in Reading, Comprehension, Hand-writing and Maths on a daily basis.

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E-learning Classes

We provide online tutorials in Reading, Sketching and Drawing, Animation and Baking. These are “LIVE” classes, you will be sent a link to join in.

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Books & Resources Shop

We provide a wide range of books and resources for children and parents.

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Why Your Children Should Join Us?





Our two daughters began in the Summer Columbus Club and when our eldest daughter, now 8, needed help with her reading we started her in the Monday reading class. That was about three years ago and she is now rarely without a book. What Anne Ruane and her staff achieved for her is rare and invaluable; a genuine love for books and reading and it was all done invisibly with great patience, love and skill. The Club has a really comprehensive library and both our children skip there happily every week. I could not recommend the Club more highly.

Taffina & James O’Nolan, Raghnallach

My two boys Trevor, aged nine and Russell aged seven have been attending the Columbus Book Club since its inception. Both boys love reading and look forward to their Monday Book Club experience. The teachers help them to choose challenging books. They chat to them about the content along with the other kids in their group. They encourage them to write book reviews and of course they love the stories read to them by the

Rowena Bolger

My daughter and son both attend Columbus Club, to say they enjoy it is an understatement. They attend on a Monday and Tuesday after school. I originally thought that this may have made their day too long this is absolutely not the case. The atmosphere at Columbus is unique, warm, friendly, kind and caring and most

importantly each child moves at their own pace guided with genuine encouragement. Their approach has truly given my kids confidence and enthusiasm when it comes to reading, maths and Irish. They truly enjoy reading and the enjoyment they get from finishing one book and starting another is a joy to watch. Their confidence and understanding of maths has grown considerably. Most importantly they get their homework done!

Sharon Murray

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