Q1 Does Camp 1 take place on week 1 and camp 2 on week 2 and so on?

A: No. All nine camps take place each week for eleven weeks.

Q2. Which camp is my 6 years old eligible to attend?

A: All 6 years old are eligible to attend all camps.  In each camp we divide our students according to age.

Q3 Is my 5 years old son eligible for all camps?

A: 5 years old girls and boys may attend all camps except Film & Cinematography: Junior Toastmasters and Creative Writing: & Gaeilge.

Q4 What is the youngest age you accept children into your camps?

A: Firstly, Age 3 is the youngest. We have designed a programme based on the Montessori system for 3 years old. It runs from 9am to 1pm each day. In addition, we also provide Arts & Sports Camp for 4 years old. This group stays from 9am to 1pm every day.

Q5 What activities do the 3 and 4 years old do each day?

A: They change activity every twenty minutes (approx.). Baking, Colouring, Dance and movement, Singing and Acting, Lego & Construction, Lots of fun games (e.g. Duck, Duck, Goose), Soft ball games, Mini Tennis, Story-telling, Circle time and Treasure Hunts within a designated and safe space.

Q6 What do the students do in Animation camp?

A: They draw characters and design storyboards. They make their characters from coloured clay (Claymation). They draw and design backgrounds and they make their characters for each frame of their storyboard. They then use cameras to capture the movements in each frame of their storyboard. They produce Stop Motion Animation Movies. Students also learn Computer Animation where they make animated movies using a software package.

Q7 Is the Film Camp suitable for my six year old son?

A: Yes, it is.  Students are divided into two groups.  Each group have their own tutor.  Each student is given the opportunity to direct and to produce, learn to use the lighting system, hands-on camera work and sound system as well as learning how to write scripts for the films.  The older group learn how to edit their films.  All students receive a saved copy of their films.

Q8 What do they learn in the Irish Camp?

A: The Irish Camp is a multi-activity camp with a variety of activities such as Science Experiments, Baking, Lego and Construction, Debating, X Factor, Singing, Treasure Hunts and a wide variety of sports.  All the activities are taught “as Gaeilge”.  Before each activity, the students are given a short class in new vocabulary which will be used in the next activity and tuition on pronunciation and speaking “as Gaeilge”.  This is practiced first and then applied in the activity they are doing.  Each activity is preceded by a short class with the vocabulary suitable for that activity.