Easter and Summer Arts & Sports Camp

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Students attending The Arts & Sports Camp are divided according to their age and level.  We have two Arts & Sports Programmes.  One is designed specifically for our (3-4) age groupIn our second programme suited to children from (5-12) years of age, children are grouped according to age and level. 

The Arts & Sports Camp places emphasis on the Arts.  Sport is also part of this Camp and is provided daily as well.  This Camp will develop and enhance your child’s confidence, interpersonal development, concentration and flexibility as well as teach him/her new skills while helping to enhance his/her existing ones.


The Arts includes daily classes in Drama, Singing and Music, Dance and Movement, Arts and Crafts, Sketching and Baking.  Children are provided with classes in Drama on a daily basis.  Everyone is encouraged to get involved.  It develops and enhances confidence and communication in a creative and imaginative way.  This year we are including short performances with children dressed in various costumes when acting out their parts.


Art and Sketching is extremely popular. Children learn to draw and sketch everything from their favourite characters to people, places and animals.  Children are also shown how to add gestures and emotion to their drawings by our very talented tutors.  Children are shown, step by step how to improve their skills in drawing.


Sports: We have the flexibility that if a child wishes to engage in more sport throughout the day while doing this Camp s/he can do so.  Any child who wishes to engage in more sports can join our day long Multi-Sports & Fitness Camp for as much time as he/her wishes.
We provide an array of sports on a daily basis including basketball, volleyball, soccer, rugby, badminton, tennis, mini-tennis, table-tennis, rounders, karate, kickboxing, dodge-ball and others.


Children attending this Camp participate in the Arts and Sports every day. The modules are taught by people who are qualified in their own individual disciplines.  It is a hands-on Camp with lots to learn and experience in a fun and imaginative way.  We hold competitions during the week in the various sports.  Prizes are presented on Friday of each week. 

Summer Dates:

  • Week 1: Tuesday, 6th June – Friday, 9th June
  • Week 2: Monday, 12th June – Friday, 16th June
  • Week 3: Monday, 19th June – Friday, 23rd June
  • Week 4: Monday, 26th June – Friday, 30th June
  • Week 5: Monday, 3rd July – Friday, 7th July
  • Week 6: Monday, 10th July – Friday, 14th July
  • Week 7: Monday, 17th July – Friday, 21st July
  • Week 8: Monday, 24th July – Friday, 28th July
  • Week 9: Monday, 1st August – Friday, 4th August
  • Week 10: Monday, 7th August – Friday, 11th August
  • Week 11: Monday, 14th August – Friday, 18th August


Times:    9.00am -3.00pm

Fees:     €150 

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