Columbus Club for Junior Learners & Teenagers

Columbus Club was set up for children and teenagers to explore their full potential and experience success and enjoyment within the academic, literary, creative, sporting and culinary arenas. We provide an Academic Programme alongside our Easter & Summer Camps for students aged (3-12).


We also provide a Teenage Programme during the Summer months of June, July and August which includes an Academic Emphasis as well as providing Courses/Workshops suitable for the (12-17) age group.


Our focus is on the individual and on his/her development. Our learner centred approach ensures that each person receives the maximum amount of time and attention. We also provide 1:1 private tuition.

The philosophy which underpins Columbus Club is similar to that of the explorer Christopher Columbus. His life focused on exploring new possibilities that saw him make such unique and life-changing discoveries. Similarly, Columbus Club  encourages all learners to travel on their individual journeys of discovery and guides them along the way within a stimulating, caring and professional learning environment.

Columbus Club is focused on encouraging children and teenagers to explore their full potential by providing them with numerous classes, courses, workshops and camps.

Columbus Academy

Columbus Academy provides an Academic Programme on a daily basis during the Easter & Summer holidays. Columbus Club provides children and teenagers with as many opportunities as possible in the academic and creative worlds to develop existing skills and to explore numerous other possibilities including new learning opportunities especially within the world of technology, culinary and sport.

Most children will benefit from a term of maths tuition.  S/he may benefit from one to one private tuition in a subject s/he may find difficult or by attending a creative writing class where the student learns to structure his/her ideas and write well written stories.  Columbus Club provides young people with the opportunities to do this during the Easter and Summer holidays.




Our Creative emphasis is apparent in the wide range of activities and themes provided in our twelve different camps which take place weekly for the duration of the Easter and Summer holidays.

Columbus Club caters for all ability levels and all personality types working with each learner in achieving his/her full potential.

Columbus Teenage Section

Columbus Teenage Section is devoted to second-level students and meeting their current needs. Our language Classes with emphasis on Oral and Aural are provided by tutors who are also native speakers who come from the Galway Gaeltacht and from Gaelscoileanna . We provide Summer Courses in Irish during June, July and August every Summer in U.C.D.

Download Irish Summer Courses Brochure 2019


 Columbus Club provides Teenage Workshops in Photography during the summer months.  We also provide a Summer course for teenagers in Baking and Cookery.  Students take home everything they bake and cook each day.  On completion of the course students are given the Recipe Manual.


Finally, we provide a wide range of courses in computer related disciplines such as Web Design, Gaming Courses and Computer Programming & Coding. Columbus Club is providing “Create an App” Course (one week) this Summer 2018 from Monday 25th June to Friday 29th June for teenagers.

Columbus Club Summer Camps

Columbus Club provides a choice of ten different and varied Easter & Summer Camps every year for students aged (3-12).

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Columbus Club also provides Summer Courses and Workshops for Teenagers every Summer during the months of June, July, and August.

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In conclusion, Columbus Club is constantly evolving to meet the needs of primary and second-level students. We are constantly seeking your feedback and your views, ideas and opinions and greatly appreciate when you take the time to do so. We have a section on our website under “Contact Us” which provides you with space to send us your very valuable comments, feedback and suggestions for other activities and classes.