Professional Animators will teach children the basic principles of Animation.

This is a hands-on class. Students get started immediately on sketching characters and arranging storyboards for their stories. They develop their characters and depending on how they wish to portray their characters, the animation class will provide them with lots of ideas on how to present their characters.

Background layout and design are covered in these classes and the characters are cut from paper and coloured in.

Cameras are used to complete the Stop Motion section. A camera on your mobile phone is sufficient for this. Students complete their Stop Motion Animated Movies.

  • Students learn to develop a story board to tell a story.
  • Students learn to sketch the characters, highlighting specific characteristics.
  • Students learn to cut out their characters from paper.
  • Students learn about the power of colour and develop the backgrounds to their story.
  • Students learn Stop Motion with the camera on their parent’s phone.
  • Students learn to make a Stop Motion Animated Movie.

Motion Movie of the Month.

Students submit their favourite completed animation movie each month and the student with the most captivating stop motion movie receives a prize. Monthly prizes are awarded.