The Arts & Crafts are an easy way to keep students very busy while developing the skill set of following instructions, improvising if missing certain resources and problem solving to ensure that the finished product works.

It is also an activity for young children as it enables them to develop their gross motor skills and their fine motor skills. These activities use resources found in all houses, such as empty toilet rolls which are very easy to use when making Crab Toilet Paper Roll for example.

Fire Breathing Dragon, Paper Plate Finger Dragons and Paper Plate Rainbows use paper plates and colouring pens. These simple activities provide so much fun and ensure that your child is focusing and concentrating to complete the exercises. The classes exercises vary depending on the age group the class is designed to cater for.

  • Arts & Crafts classes each week focuses on using materials can be easily found at home.
  • These activities develop one’s imagination as well as sense of colour.
  • These activities develop the gross motor skills and the fine motor skills.
  • The exercises use practical resources to explore and develop creativity.
  • Students are asked to submit one image of their favourite completed arts and crafts creations each month.
  • One students receives a prize from Arts & Crafts Club.