The Baking Classes have always been a major success in our Summer Camps. They appeal to all age groups. The satisfaction of following a list of instructions that enhance confidence and add to the excitement of seeing and tasting the finished product. Icing and decorating are a fun part of the process and one that is relished by all.

This is a life skill as children will learn to bake their scones, pizzas, a range of breads, muffins and that ever important birthday cake.

The step by step live classes bring it all to life. The recipes, utensils, and ingredients required are all listed at the start of the month.

  • Students learn to bake cupcakes, brownies, cookies, muffins, cakes, apple tarts, and macarons.
  • Students also bake Italian Focaccia Bread, Naan Bread, Pizzas, Waffles, Hot Cross Buns, Scones, Bread & Butter Pudding, Soda & Currant Breads and Treacle Bread.
  • You will receive the recipes from our Baking Books in advance.
  • You will be given the list of ingredients and utensils you need to bake each item.
  • Students will be asked to submit an image of their favourite item that they baked that month.
  • One student will be randomly selected each month and will receive a gift from Columbus Baking Club.