These Maths classes enable the individual to significantly improve on their maths scores in school tests.


  • We follow the national curriculum and the text books used in primary school.
  • Each topic is covered in depth.  The focus is completely on the individual understanding and perfecting his/her ability to cover that topic.
  • To perfect the individual’s skill in any topic in maths requires an understanding of the concepts and a significant amount of repetition and practice.
  • Each child will complete numerous problems during the hour.
  • Progress is easily measured in maths.   We provide class tests on each topic.  The individual moves forward to the next topic only when s/he has excelled in the test.
  • Parents are shown their child’s work and progress each week.
  • Test scores and confidence improves as a direct result of the individual time and attention given to students in these classes.


Dates and Fees

Fee: €16 per half hour €32 per hour

Daily Classes provided during Easter and Summer Camps

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