Columbus Club began ten years ago with a Reading Academy teaching children reading classes and running weekly book clubs for primary school students.

In September 2022, Columbus Club will start a fortnightly book club online for primary school students.

We have a library of children’s books which we will select books from. We have also published some picture books for children here at Columbus Club.

We will complete a list each month listing the books that we have read and discussed for each age group. The Book Clubs genuinely enhance children’s ability to express their views confidently and to use a broader range of vocabulary as well as to gain an insight into different themes and genres.

  • We choose 2 books each month.
  • Every fortnight we read and discuss one book.
  • We will ask you to write a book review every fortnightly.
  • We examine the characters, the plot, the illustrations, the emotions conveyed in the story, and the ending.
  • Students are asked to submit a book review and one student is chosen for a prize for Review of the Month.