Tutors teach students how to sketch a variety of drawings. This builds confidence as a picture tells a thousand words. We have designed this course to ensure that students learn to sketch animals, birds, woodland creatures, medieval characters, fairies, elves, underwater creatures, cities and towns, Disney characters and the list goes on.

This creative interest helps perfect discipline and develop attention to detail. Students learn about the difference colour makes in making an impression in terms of art, fashion, mood, and culture.

At the end of each month’s classes, students will start to build a portfolio of their work. How interesting it will be to see your child’s progress from month to month.

  • Each month we concentrate on sketching different themes.
  • Animals, Nature, Characters from favourite movies, Disney Characters, Underwater Creatures, People, Castles and mid-evil times, Jungle, Forest & Woodlands and so on.
  • Students are taught step by step how to sketch each figure.
  • Your child follows these steps at home.
  • At the end of each month, students are asked to submit one of their drawing and a prize is given for the one chosen as Sketch of the Month.