Cookery & Baking

This week long workshop shows students how to cook a variety of dishes including chicken and fish dishes to dishes including beef and lamb. Students are shown and then prepare with the assistance of the cookery and baking chefs a main meal following by some baking which the pastry chef demonstrates and then guides each student while doing the same.
We work from our own books and students who come back for a second and third workshop experience cooking different dishes and baking different treats each week.

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The Animation workshop works on the classical and the computer animation sections of the course. The traditional or classical animation caters for the sketching of characters, designing the storyboards, Claymation which involves making the characters from coloured clay (paper cut outs are also demonstrated and worked on as an alternative) and the stop motion animation work to create an animated movie is all part of the course. The computer aspect deals with making animated movies using a software package.

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This course takes students out on field trips each day for the course of the week. Each morning, the professional tutors explain and demonstrate followed by their classes practicing some new skills each morning. This is followed up with a field trip to the local seaside, the city, the aquarium and other venues. Fashion and street photography form part of each student’s mini portfolio on this course. It is a very engaging workshop with terrific learning outcomes.

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Students learn to make Youtube videos and learn the skills of filming. They also learn to edit their work as well as add music and improve their background settings. It is taught by professional tutors and provides students with opportunities to perfect the skill set needed to produce podcasts for the You tube channel.

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