Welcome to Columbus Reading Academy

Columbus Reading Academy provides reading classes and book clubs daily for children during the Easter and Summer holidays. These classes develop the child’s reading levels and interest in books. Children who are excellent readers join our classes for comprehension purposes and to explore a wide variety of books.

Book Clubs:

  • Columbus Book Clubs meet during the Easter and Summer holidays.
  • We source and select a wide range of books for all age groups.
  • Children are grouped according to age and reading level and range in age from three to thirteen.
  • Children develop their communication skills by expressing their views and opinions.
  • Children are taught how to write their book reviews.

Reading Classes:

  • Reading classes enable each child to bring their reading standard to the next level.
  • These classes help extend vocabulary and enhance each child’s ability to “sound out” and decipher difficult words.
  • The classes enhance each child’s confidence in reading and comprehending new material.
  • Our Reading Classes teach children of all ages to read with ease and confidence.