The Christmas Book

The Christmas Book



Christmas Baking Book for Junior & Teenage Bakers is a wonderfully illustrated baking book for primary and second-level students. It is designed specifically for boys and girls and their families for Christmas.

This book contains fifteen Christmas themed recipes. Santa’s reindeers and elves all have a part to play in this magical Christmas Baking Book.  The recipes are easy to follow with online baking classes demonstrating each Christmas recipe from beginning to end in a step by step approach.

A fun and truly professional baking book for Christmas.



Highly recommend this book- this is the first Christmas Baking Book for children and teenagers I’ve come across.  So easy to follow. Frosty’s Chocolate  Snowman Cupcakes were Sophie’s (10) favourites to bake.
Magical Christmas Baking Book.
Our twin girls Tess and Úna (8) love it-so easy to follow.
I baked the Gingerbread People Christmas recipe with my son and daughter. Together we followed each step and made a host of Gingerbread People. Terrific baking book with wonderful pictures and easy to follow steps.
Myself and my friend Jennifer (14) baked four of the recipes already including the coconut snowballs and the fluffy pancakes. We also followed the online classes for the Polar Bear cupcakes and the Christmas Tree cupcakes. We managed to do it right. The book is great and the online classes helped us make sure we got the finishing touches right too! Would love to have a book like this in school for Home Evonomics.
Five star rating from us.
Truly magical Christmas Baking Book. Just loved baking the Mini Cookie Houses with my children, Rósie  (8) and (George (10)
Just chose the Christmas Baking Book for Junior & Teenage Bakers for my teenage daughter as a Christmas present.  What a wonderful selection of Christmas treats, all explained so clearly, a very professional book.
What a beautiful, visually appealing Christmas Baking Book. Stunning photographs and clear and easy to follow recipes. Definitely a teacher’s touch. Such a warm and fun book to have in our kitchen for Christmas.
Judy (mum of three children)
As a dad and novice in the kitchen, we have dabbled in home baking for the first time this year. My sons Tom and Harry (7 & 9) and daughter Eve(12) adore this book. It is clearly designed for children. We followed the recipe for making the colourful Donner’s Stained Glass Window Cookies online. They were so simple to make with a little guidance. Highly recommend this baking book.

Photography for the Book:

1. David McAuleyPhotography – images of Anne Keaney
2. Photogenic Photographers of Dalkey – image of Anne Ruane


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